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23 Haziran 2024 - 05:02

Polina Shneidman’ın Türkiye’de ne işi var?

Polina Shneidman’ın Türkiye’de ne işi var?
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02 Ekim 2022 - 12:57


GC – Who is Polina, what she likes, what she does?

PS – Polina Shneidman is an architect and interior designer. Now I based in Kazan city, Russia. Making worldwide projects also. I’m Working in this profession more than 13 years.
I like my job much, so I make my projects with love. My hobby is painting in free time or making something beautiful by hands.

GC – I heard that you came to Turkey for holiday. I would like to know, which city you visit and why?

PS – I was many times in Turkiye as tourist in different regions near the sea Antalya, Kemer, Side, Alanya and in İstanbul 4 times

GC – What is your general opinion about Turkey ? You know so many Russian people visits here, especially summertimes. What is the main reason they choose the Turkey ?

PS – Turkey is beautiful country with nice people and great culture. I learned Turkish language in university. So I speak Turkish a little. I wish to speak excellent Turkish. I live in Kazan, it a muslim region in Russia. In Kazan lives many tatarians. Tatar language very same with Turkish

Now in Turkey building is in big progress. Many Russian people buying flats in Turkey. I wish to make interiors in Turkey also

GC – Do you use search engines or social media, looking for hotel places?

PS – In Istanbul I alway plan my trip by myself, if it is a beach vacation I plan with help of agency.

GC – Do you get enough informations about hotel places from their websites or agencies website? What do you think, can you find easily your place for holiday in Turkey?

PS – Before sanctions to Russia it was very easy to plan trip by myself.

GC – You are an architect. How long you work on this major ?

PS – I’m Working in this profession more than 13 years.

GC – What does inspire you while working on a design ? Do you add your feelings ?

PS – I make more very exclusive and individual interiors than common. At first I pay attention on a person or family which will live in flat or house. I try to understand what they need and what type of life they have. It helps me to achieve good results in interior planning and design. I have big experience in my work. I now what will be better and more comfortable.

GC – What is your working style on your design?

PS – I make interiors mostly in neoclassical and modern styles. I find my inspiration in nature, in common life. I can see beauty in everything.

GC – Did you get any job offer from other countries or Turkey?

PS – Only from Russia now

GC – Also, of course you use the internet and some search engines. Do you use the internet as a source for business development?

PS – Internet effects much on my job, because with the help of internet I can search useful information, look for new inspiration, choose furniture, decor and other things for my projects. Social media I use to see interesting interior designers and their work, to look at lifestyle blogs.

GC – Do you have a professional assistance for social media or website?

PS – I had experience of having social media assistant. But my account is closed. I have new account. (polina_shneidman2)  I do it by myself. Now my account will be managed professionally by a Turkish company “digidikdigi”

GC – Is the internet effective on your turnover?

PS – Of course also builds brand value

GC – How is your opinion about feedbacks which you get via internet ? Is it positive?

PS – I have very positive feedback

GC – If you are not an architect right now, what would like to be or what is your dreams job?

PS – Fashion clothes designer

GC – Okey, let’s talk about politic little bit. There is a special war operation and all eyes on there, Russia.
Especially the USA and some countries imposes sanctions on Russia and you are a citizen of Russia.
Are these kind of sanctions effecting your business, do you feel or live any crise situation?

PS – War of course effected much. At first it’s real tragedy for many people. Nobody wants war in their life. Now it reflects on quality of life, because of sanctions. But always the change can be found. For example I buy ceramic tile from Turkish fabrics instead of Italian.

As for me I don’t feel any crise in my work or in my life at all. I hope I will never feel it. I help people to make their dream about beautiful home come true. My clients are very thankful for this. I know my work is very useful even in such times.

GC – So lastly, do you have any message to our audiences and readers about this issue ?

PS – Every problem can be solved if you wish.



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